Middle Readers

Amazing Grace 

Mary Hoffman 
 Grace thinks she can be anything or anyone she wants to be: Joan of Arc, Hiawatha, Helen of Troy, Mowgli from the jungle book… and Peter Pan in the school play. But when her classmates tell her she can’t play Peter Pan because she is a girl, and because she’s black, grace gets downhearted. When Grace’s grandmother proves, through a positive black role model, that Grace really can be anyone she wants, Grace believes in herself once more – just in time for the auditions

Grace and Family

Mary Hoffman 
Grace lived with her Ma and her Nana and her cat named Pawpaw. Next to her family, Grace liked best was stories. Some she knew and some she made up, and she was particularly interested in fathers, because she didn’t have one. “You do too have a father’. Her Ma would say when she caught her talking that way.

  Encore Grace!


 Mary Hoffman
 Grace discovers that her family is still changing and so is her group of friends. The gang who had so many adventures in ‘Starring Grace’ are dealing with new situations, including bullying, bereavement and banking off. As always, when things change for grace, she turns to stories for inspiration.

Starring Grace

Mary Hoffman
It’s the summer holidays
 and Grace and her friends
 are ready for adventure.
The circus is in town and
 the jungle next door is
 just waiting to be explored.
 But then Nana falls and
 breaks her ankle, and
even worse, Ma gets a
 new boyfriend. Grace
feels as if her world is
 turning upside down!

Akimbo and the Lions

Alexander Mcall Smith
 Akimbo’s father goes to
 trap a dangerous lion,
 but instead catches a
cub. It won’t survive
long without its mother.
Can Akimbo save the cub?

The Amazing Adventures of Girl Wonder

- Malorie Blackman
"Oh terrific twins,
I have a plan." When
 Edward and Antony
hear their older sister
 Maxine say that they
 get worried, as more
 often than not Maxine's
 plans go badly wrong!!


 The Warm Place 
Nancy Farmer
Ruva the baby giraffe is captured from her home on the African grasslands and sent far across the sea to the cruelest of zoos. But Ruva finds friends: Rodentus, the rat who knows it all: Troll a numbler rat who is inspired by Rodentus, example the nelson the angry chameleon.

The Ear, The Eye and the Arm

 – Nancy Farmer -
Cocooned inside the towering
 walls of their family estate.
 Tendai, Rita, and Kuda have
led a sheltered life. Now out,
alone and on the run, they are
 easy prey to the underworld
 of Zimbabwe a hundred years
 from now. Captured by the
She Elephant and taken to her
 lair they are destined for a
 life toiling in the plastic
 mines. But the mutant
 detectives Ear, Eye and Arm
 are hired to rescue the
children before they are lost forever.

Journey to Jo’Burg

 Beverly Naidoo
  Naledi had made up her mind. Dineo was ill and needed her mother. But Mma worked and lived 300 miles away in Johannesburg. The only way to let her know was to get to the big road and walk, so Naledi and her brother Tiro did just that…


Pig-Heart Boy – Malorie Blackman - You’re thirteen, all you want is a normal life. But most kids don’t need heart transplants. So there’s this doctor. He says there’s a chance for you. But he also says it’s experimental, controversial and risky. And it’s never been done before.

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