Dora save the puppies –
 Dora and boots jump
into a computer game
to help save the puppies
from doggy town!


Dora Goes to school
 Dora and Boots see their teacher riding her bike on the way to school. But the bike gets a flat tyre, and the teacher needs to get to school before her students!

Dora Loves Her Grandma – Dora loves her Grandma very much and loves spending time with her, Dora has learnt so much from her Abuela, including how to be a great explorer!

Dora save the puppies – Dora and boots jump into a computer game to help save the puppies from doggy town!


Dora Puppies

Dora’s Chilly Day -
Brr! It’s a chilly day!
 Dora and Boots are
 going to get some
chocolate for Abuela’s
 chilly day surprise.
On their adventure
they see what their
friends like to do on
 chilly days. 3.99

Dora had a little Lamb – Little lamb is lost! She can’t find her friend Mary, Dora and Boots step into the book of Nursery Rhymes to help little lamb find her way back to Mary.

Dora’s saves Mermaid Kingdom –
 A mean octopus has
 dumped rubbish all
 over mermaid kingdom!
The only way to save
 the mermaids is to
find the magic crown!


Dora plays Sports
Its Sports day and everyone is outside playing their favourite sports; basketball and sailing, football, soccer and more!


Rastamouse and the Bag of Bling

 by Michael de Souza –
 Rastamouse is on the move,
 Scratchy and Zoomer too.
There’s a bling-lovin’ teef
 needs catching. It’s a job
 for the Easy Crew! Red
 hot reggae, happenein’
hip-hop, big bags of bling
 and mysterious missing
 mice – all in a days work
 for Rastamouse and the

Rastamouse & the Crucial Plan by Michael De Souza –

 All da cheese in mouseland has disappeared, leaving da baby mice at da orphanage starving! Da teefin’ must be stopped. Da president knows who to call… Join Rastamouse, Scratchy and Zoomer as they work together to rid mouseland of a villainous cheese snatcher!


Little Bill, Rabbit Babies –
 Hello Friend, welcome to
 little Bill’s World, where
every day is a celebration
 of what it’s like to be five!
With help from parents or
caregivers, colouring and
activity books like this one
 can help preschoolers
 develop their creativity
 and learning skills. These
 books can be the first
steps to reading and writing.
 Let the adventure begin!

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