A Present for Paul-
 Pleasure is happy
to help dad with the
shopping at the busy
Her baby brother
Paul is teething and
she’d like to buy him
a present. But while
Pleasure is looking
at the toy stall,
she loses sight of dad
 and thinks he has
 disappeared. Where
 has dad gone?
Bernard Ashley 

Kwaku and His Hearing Aid


by Darren Meade -
This is a story about a boy who everyone thought did not listen to others. Kwaku’s mother eventually discovers that Kwaku has hearing difficulties. Kwaku’s story illustrates the challenges children with disabilities such as hard of hearing and visual impairment face on a daily basis. The importance of communication within relationships, understanding, and compassion and how family, friends and teachers working together can solve problems


Oh Lord I Wish I was a Buzzard


 by Polly Greenberg
A little girl picks cotton during the sweltering crop season. Imagining her way through endless day she wishes to be any one else or anywhere else… a snake curved up and cool, a butterfly bouncing from blossom to blossom, a buzzard going round and round in the sky. Then at last sunset approaches and a special treat awaits.



If I were a King, If I were a Queen Veronique Tadjo -
What would you do if you were a king or queen?
Live in a huge palace and not go to school? Stop all wars and ask people to be friends?


Marty Monster by Malorie Blackman - Danny and June are bored. So June dares Danny to go with her to wake Marty the monster. Over the shark infested seas they sail, climbing up the high mountain where the dangerous wolves lurk. Past the jungles where the fierce wildcats stalk, round the bubble lake where the blubber blob bathes, to the cave of Marty Monster…

 Hard back book

Age 4 - 6 Children at this stage understand rhyming and play rhyming games, they can match some spoken and written words and understand that print is read from left to right, top to bottom. They can recognize some familiar words, they can also use pictures and context to figure out unfamiliar words


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